Notorious plutocrats

If you know of a notorious plutocrat not on this list, please do not hesitate to contact.

Notorious plutocrats, with data from various sources. There is absolutely no attempt at completeness, nor fairness. There are many more plutocrats, less well known -- or with less blatant political activity.
Net worth Location(s) Field (Aims and attitude of) political activity
Plutocrat(s) (millions) (main first)
Koch brothers $100,000 USA oil, finance
Charles: $48,000 USA oil, finance, chemicals anti: CIA, creationism, FBI, Obamacare, overincarceration, PATRIOT Act (~$20 million), regulation, Social Security, state schools, tax, unions
pro: abortion, global warming denial, Libertarian, privatization, Republican (2012: ~$100 million), same-sex marriage, self, Tea Party
Complex arrangement of think-tanks and funding groups, >$400 million in 2012, ~$1 billion on 2016 USA elections
David: $48,000 USA oil, finance, chemicals
Frederick: $4,000 USA, UK art collection
William: $1,300 USA oil, finance self-interest, pro-Republican, anti-wind-farm
Bill Gates $86,000 USA computing: Microsoft self-interest, monopolism, pro-same-sex-marriage
Jeff Bezos $76,000 USA e-commerce: Amazon pro-gay-marriage, owns the Washington Post
Michael Bloomberg $47,000 USA finance anti-gun (~$50 million), anti-tobacco (~$1 billion), global warming mitigation, self-interest
Bernard Arnault $46,000 France luxury goods Media ownership: Le Parisien (Aujourd'hui en France), Les Echos
Liliane Bettencourt +family$41,000 France cosmetics: L'Oreal alleged illegal political donations to Sarkozy, media involvement
Sheldon Adelson $32,000 USA, Macao, China casinos anti: cannabis, internet gambling, Iran, tax, unions
pro: non-internet gambling, Israel, Republican (2016: $25 million for Trump and $40 million for congress), self
George Soros $25,000 USA, Hungary finance anti: apartheid, authoritarianism, George W. Bush, Israeli policy, Valdimir Putin, Donald Trump, USSR
pro: cannabis legalization, Hillary Clinton (2016: ~$10 million), Democrat (2004: >$25 million), EU, Georgian "Rose Revolution", nationalist separatism, social liberalism, voluntary euthanasia
Notable for interference in foreign countries, complex arrangements
Robert Mercer billions, well hidden USA, UK finance, computing anti: environmentalism, EU, regulation, tax, unions
pro: Breitbart News (2011: $11 million), Ted Cruz (2016: $11 million), death penalty, Donald Trump (2016: $25 million), self
James Simons $18,000 USA finance donated $7 million to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign
Serge Dassault $18,000 France aerospace, software, media bribery, elected senator and mayor, member of UMP/LR
anti: gay marriage, tax, unions, welfare
Media ownership: Le Figaro, Le Particulier
François Pinault $17,000 France luxury goods Media ownership: Le Point, L'Agefi
Patrick Drahi $13,000 France, Israel, Switzerlandtelecoms, media Media ownership: Libération, L'Express, Stratégies, i24NEWS
Rupert Murdoch $13,000 USA, UK, Australia media anti: EU, regulation, tax, unions
pro: copyright, immigration, Israel, Australian republicanism, self
Media ownership — many newspapers, TV channels, including:
Australia: Sky News, The Australian, many regional newspapers
UK: Sky News, The Sun, The Times
USA: Fox News, New York Post, Wall Street Journal
Xavier Niel $8,600 France telecoms Media ownership: Le Monde (with Pierre Bergé and Matthieu Pigasse)
Silvio Berlusconi $7,000 Italy media, soccer, politics bribery, self-interest, anti-tax; former prime minister of Italy, media ownership — many TV channels
Sumner Redstone $5,400 USA media Media ownership: CBS, Channel 5 (UK)
Barclay brothers $5,300 UK real estate, hotels Media ownership: Daily Telegraph, The Spectator
Donald Trump $3,500 USA construction, branding, reality TV self-interest, donations to both Democrats and Republicans, successful presidential campaign
Peter Thiel $2,700 USA finance, computing anti-tax, anti-media (ruined Gawker by funding others' liigation against it), pro-Republican, pro-Trump, pro-Libertarian, self-interest
Thomas Steyer $1,600 USA finance, renewable energy anti: Keystone XL pipeline, tax loopholes (California's Proposition 39: >$30 million)
pro: Democrats(2016: ~$90 million, 2014: ~$60 million), environmentalism
Richard Desmond $1,400 UK media pro-UKIP (2014-5: £1.3 million), pro-Brexit
Media ownership: Daily Express, Daily Star, OK!, New!, Star
Jonathan Harmsworth (Viscount Rothermere)$1,200UK media, real estate: Zoopla Media ownership: Daily Mail (UK, known to often mention house prices), Metro (UK), MailOnline (UK), Elite Daily (USA), Mail Today (India), Irish Daily Mail
Alexander & Evgeny Lebedev$1,100 Russia, UK finance Media ownership: Novaya Gazeta, London Evening Standard, The Independent
Palmer Luckey $730 USA computing pro-Trump, anti-Clinton; funded trolling and shilling online
Arron Banks £100 UK insurance, finance donor to Conservative party and UKIP (2014: £1 million, $11 million since), Brexit (at least $5 million)
Bill Maher $30 USA comedy anti: corporate welfare, Islam, religion, war
pro: cannabis, death penalty, Democrat (2012: $1 million), environmentalism, gambling, PETA, profiling, prostitution, single-payer healthcare